Mulder Movers service for elderly clients


It takes 16 man-hours to pack up the contents of the average home ready for moving. For relocation overseas, packing securely for a cargo ship takes even longer. If you are short of time you can use our packing service. We offer two options: either we pack your entire house contents for you; or you have only some of your home contents - fragile items like china, antiques and paintings - packed by our skilled staff. That can be done either the day before or on the actual removal day.

Packaging material

Mulder Movers supplies removal boxes plus labels and packaging materials from two days after you have committed to use our service. As well as standard boxes we have various special sizes for computers, books or chairs, and so on. Clothing can be hung on a rod in special wardrobe boxes. We can supply extra large boxes for bulky lightweight items. Hygiene is important, so mattresses, upholstered chairs and sofas are packed in special fabric covers. After your move you can arrange for us to collect the empty boxes. Or you may choose to purchase them.

If you return boxes to us in usable condition within two months, together with the receipt, we will repay you a percentage of the purchase price.

China and glass

China and other breakables should be packed vertically in a box (as in a dishwasher). Do not skimp on packaging paper: use a separate sheet for each glass, cup or plate.

Valuable and fragile items

If you want to minimize the risk of breakage we can pack your valuable and fragile items using appropriate material like fresh packaging paper or bubble wrap. We generally use bubble wrap for mirrors and wall decorations, but fragile items like chandeliers or valuable paintings are packed in custom made wooden crates. Stone tabletops are also crated to protect them from damage. Grand or upright pianos are wrapped in special protective blanketing and transported on piano skid boards.


Plants can be packed in a removal box, but be sure to leave the box open. Plants that are too bulky to move can first be pruned. In the case of garden plants it's important to check ahead of time whether you want to take them with you: not every plant is easy to replant. That can also depend on the season of the year.

Refrigerators and freezers

You should defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before your removal. To avoid damage at your new address you should allow both to stand idle for 24 hours before switching them on again.


You can use our labels to note the contents and eventual destination of each box. Each room at your new address can be indicated either by number or (abbreviated) name.