Storage service at Mulder Movers (Mulder Verhuizingen)

  • You can access the items you have in storage by appointment.
  • Our storage facility is heated and is constantly inspected for vermin.
  • You may wish to deliver items for storage yourself, but you can also ask us to collect and store your possessions and return them to you in due course.
  • We recommend that you have your carpets (Persian or other) dry-cleaned before putting them into storage.
  • Plants are not permitted in our storage premises.
  • Inflammable items like paint, turpentine or petrol fuelled tools are not permitted.
  • It is inadvisable to put diplomas, passports, tickets and other valuable documents into storage: you would not be the first to have left their vehicle registration papers in storage when the vehicle itself is about to be sold.
  • To insure your goods during the storage period you should make your home contents policy "floating". You can do this by switching the address on your policy to our address in Wormerveer (you can notify your insurance company of this by telephone).
  • Storage rates are based on a minimum period of one week and minimum capacity of 5 m³.