Mulder Movers service for international removals

For international removals we draw up a moving checklist in consultation with the client. Each item packed is then numbered accordingly. This is a requirement for customs clearance in the destination country. The same checklist is used for an exit clearance document that will be stamped by the Netherlands customs service.

As soon as the cargo ship is under way, the agent receiving the container is notified of its contents and the expected arrival time. The local agent can then start to arrange import customs clearance so that - when the container arrives - its contents can be rapidly cleared and the administrative process completed. After that our job is to make sure your items and equipment are in place at your new address - unpacked and reassembled if you so request - as fast as possible.

Did you know that:
  • it is advisable to approach the Embassy of the destination country ahead of time for information about work and residence permits, and insurance possibilities.
  • it is equally important to confirm whether your electrical equipment
    will function in the destination country,
  • for relocation to the Caribbean region you can reckon on
    your goods taking about three weeks to arrive;
    transport to Asian countries takes six weeks.
  • we regularly serve clients relocating to the island of Aruba
    and can therefore offer extra favourable rates for that destination.
  • we can arrange for you to become acquainted with your
    new home country and be given a guided tour of
    the neighbourhood to check out schools and official services or authorities.