Mulder Movers service for businesses

  • Our special shelf-wide archive containers ensure that files can simply be moved to the new location either as a whole or in portions, coded per section or rack and per shelf.
  • We offer handyman services for jobs like disconnecting and reconnecting computers, ensuring that desks are at the right level and assembling cupboards with storage racks.
  • We will look after any equipment that cannot be packed in a removal box, or that has to be disconnected. Simply leave it in its original position.
  • Computer equipment can be packed in a special computer box.
  • We can store your goods, archives or business inventory short-term or long-term in our heated storage facility.
  • We can remove and dispose of your surplus inventory.
  • Every removal is accompanied by a qualified accident and emergency assistant, ready to act as first responder in the event of a calamity.

Tip for removal labels: It is convenient to work with numerical codes, where the first number indicates the floor of the premises, second the room number, and third the work station number.