Mulder removal quote-tool

Mulder Movers likes to make things easy for you: if you send us photos of all the rooms in your home, we will send you a reliable quote for your removal within two working days. New: given the current conditions it is possible to give you a quote based on videoconferencing. Call us on 075-6282266

You can do this on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Make some quick pictures and send them to us. Select all the shots together to send them in one go!

Please use the 'information' box below to tell us your present address and your future address, plus any other details such as whether these are in apartment buildings.

In view of the file size it is advisable to send these via WIFI. If that does not work (as can happen with some older smartphones), just mail your photos to

Of course, instead you can simply call and ask us to come and view your home contents on the spot and draw up a quote on that basis or use video conferencing to that end.